Water pumps can be a high mortality item on industrial engines. This Tech Tip helps you with finding the correct replacement water pump for a Ford 300 / CSG649 industrial engine.
This is important because the pumps listed in the chart below are not interchangeable and are the only two pumps, that we know of, that will be found on the CSG649i industrial Ford engines.

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Attention people running Rockford PTOs. We’ve noticed recently a couple of clutch failures that could have been prevented.  Here’s how you can save time and money if you are running a Rockford 4-25754 PTO.

The Rockford Model 4-25754 PTO is a spring-loaded clutch used behind Ford industrial engines on wood chippers. We support this PTO by stocking complete clutch kits which include a pilot bearing, a clutch disc with 6 springs, pressure plate, release bearing and installation tool.  This Rockford PTO has a splined input shaft. Our sales of that shaft have increased.   We didn’t know why. 

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Foley Engines offers our customers both new complete Twin Disc, Rockford and WPT power takeoff assemblies as well as clutch packs. We stock them heavily and ship them daily across the US.  We’ve found that sometimes people need a little help in deciding whether to buy a complete Power Take Off Clutch replacement or simply a clutch pack. 
This Tech Tip shows you the pros and cons of buying a Clutch Pack versus a complete PTO.   Here are some things to consider as you evaluate the best way to get

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Electronic shut off solenoids on Deutz engines are high mortality items. They fail frequently and can be hard to identify, but we can help. Take a look at the chart below for two easy steps to identify the Deutz ESO that you need. We bet you can identify 99% of shut down solenoids used on Deutz 1011 / 2011 engines with this chart.

Model of Engine

1011F / 2011
1011 (non-F)

# of Prongs on Plug


While the 2 prong ESO is no longer available, don’t worry. When it comes to Deutz, we’ve got you covered. We have a simple plug ‘n play adapter harness that lets you convert from 2 to 3 prongs.
Once you have identified which solenoid you need, you can order it from our website by clicking HERE.
However, if you have a Deutz 1011 / 2011 engine in a JLG aerial lift, this engine takes a special actuator. Call us at 800.233.6539 for discounted pricing as high as 40% off Deutz list price on a genuine OEM solenoid.

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We’ve been supplying governors to people for a long time and, after a while it gets to be routine. You know, Hoof mechanical belt drive governors are either variable speed or, if used on a generator, fixed speed, usually at 1800 RPM. Our Governors of America (GAC) electronic governor packages similarly can be fixed or variable speeds with often both a high idle and a low idle speed. But here is a new one.
A fellow called us from way down east Maine just before Labor Day who was running a Detroit Diesel 671 engine in his saw mill. Not for nothing but the Detroit 671 engines are nicknamed Old Reliable and a lot of people (including our Dr. Diesel™) think that the Jimmy Diesel 671 Detroit engine won WWII for us.
Our customer wanted to know what the “Battle” setting was on his governor’s control rod. This one threw us for a loop. It turned out that his 671 was a Grey Marine 671 as used in Allied landing crafts at Normandy and North Africa. A little research told us that the Battle setting on a 671 military spec engine was the way to override the standard governor in a crisis situation. It would let the operator turn the wick up on the engine way beyond normal engine rpms. It didn’t matter if the engine’s life was shortened. The important thing was to get the troops landed quickly and be able to go back out to the ship for another load of troops.
We hope that this Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip has been helpful. We stock both mechanical and electronic governors and can help get you back up and running again if you have any governor issues. Unless you have a requirement we don’t know about, we ship our governors without a “Battle” setting!

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Many of our customers run engine block heaters in their Perkins, John Deere, Deutz and other industrial engines.  As with everything else in life, there are some things you should know about before you can get the most out of a block heater.

Block heaters usually are rated at 150 Watts

They do a good job of maintaining coolant temperature, but only if plugged in at normal operating temperatures. When you come back from a job at night, plug in the block heater into the wood chipper, backhoe or whatever when the engine is still warm.

Avoid Cold Soaks

Block heaters are not going to do a good job of warming up an engine when it has been parked outside and not run for a day or two. If the engine coolant, lube oil and the engine block itself drops to a low outside temperature, say 0º F, that is called “cold soak” and you are in for a struggle. So, plug the engine in every night just after you shut it down.

Double up

In extreme circumstances, say northern Maine in January, with a large Perkins Series 1106.6 diesel powered wood chipper that is parked outside or a Perkins Series 1300 engine in a generator at a remote site in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan you can install two block heaters.

Avoid Ether

Dr. Diesel™ says that when you are tempted to use ether, just put the spray can down and back away slowly from the engine. Go inside for a cup of coffee instead.  We have all the sales of new short blocks that we can handle!
We hope that this Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip has been helpful. We believe that Tech Support Matters™ and publish this ongoing series of Tech Tips for the industrial engine community. We welcome your feedback. Foley stocks and has ready to ship engine block heaters for most industrial engines including Perkins, Deutz, John Deere, etc.
To contact Dr. Diesel™ directly, email him at DrDiesel@FoleyEngines.com. For parts and service for your Deutz, Perkins, John Deere or Ford engine call us directly at 800.233.6539. International customers can call us at 508.753.2979.

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This tech tip follows other earlier ones on Deutz serial number locations. Please see Tech Tip #199: Deutz Engine Serial Number Location Made Easy and our Videos section on our website for more help on finding the serial number on your Deutz engine.
The Deutz 511 is a widely-used engine that is found in Bobcats as well as other small industrial machines.  It is important to have the engine serial number when you call us to order parts for your Deutz 511.  Here is how to find it.
Deutz 511 Serial Number Location
Your serial number is located on the fuel lift pump side of the engine. It is located on a flat spot to the right of this pump. The photo displayed here shows the fuel lift pump and where the serial number is located in conjunction with the pump.
How it Reads

The serial number is displayed vertically and is usually 7 digits in length. The photo displayed here shows a sample engine serial number.


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The Ford LSG875i industrial engine, a variant of the Ford 460 truck engine, has been widely used in generator set applications over the years. This engine is commonly found in Kohler and Onan generators. While the Ford LSG875i engine is a rugged performer, the water pump will occasionally need to be replaced. The problem is Ford used two different water pumps on these engines. Unfortunately, they look very much alike and you will hear one is no longer available from Ford, even though we have both styles in stock and ready to ship.

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