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Tech Tip #140: Continental TM27 and TMD27 Oil Consumption Problems

This Tech Tip focuses on the Continental TM27 and TMD27 Series
Foley Engines has long specialized in Continental engines as used in forklifts and other industrial applications.
The TM27 and TMD27 Series Continental Engines have proved themselves to be workhorses in many industrial applications. This modern overhead valve design engine, a first for Teledyne Continental, was introduced in 1980 to replace the familiar flathead F Series Continental. This new TM series industrial engine featured an engine cylinder head designed by the world famous British consulting firm, Ricardo Engineering.

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Tech Tip #102: Installing a Continental Engine Water Pump

Helpful tips on installing a Continental Engine water pump
This Tech Tip is one of a series that we publish on maintaining industrial and marine engines and power takeoffs. This Tech Tip focuses on how to install a replacement water pump and pulley on your Continental Red Seal industrial engine. Please call us for further information, a Workshop Manual for your Continental engine or if you wanted to order a new water pump.

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TECH TIP #72: Saving Worn Deutz, Continental and Wisconsin Blocks

This Foley Tech Tip, one of a series that we publish, discusses methods we have developed in our remanufacturing center for saving worn Deutz, Continental, and Wisconsin engine block castings. These methods include sleeving and judicious boring. Your comments are welcome.

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Tech Tip #9: How to Install a Continental or Perkins Water Pump Pulley

Helpful guide regarding the installation of a Continental or Perkins Water Pump Pulley
A lot of us these days never grew up on farms or have military experience where basic mechanical skills were taught. This Tech Tip shows you how to install a water pump pulley without breaking it or, more likely, ruining your new water pump.

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Tech Tip #7: Continental Tappett Settings

Helpful settings guide for your Continental Tappett
Over the years, industrial engines have evolved from flathead to overhead valve, from single camshafts mounted in the engine blocks to one or even two overhead camshafts. For you flathead Continental fans, we offer the chart below.

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