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WPT ProductWPT mechanical power take-offs (PTOs) clutches are one of our many specialties. Foley Engines has an extensive inventory of the most popular size PTOs. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer we also stock clutch packs, bearings, friction plates, and the like. If by chance you need the odd part that no one else in the world has in stock, look no further. Our in-house custom and factory remanufacturing program can take care of it. We have state-of-the-art cleaning, testing, and machining equipment to properly remanufacture any clutch you may be running.

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Mechanical Over-Center Power Takeoff

Sizes 6½” thru 18″ with Standard SAE housing sizes #6 thru #0.

All mechanical clutches also supplied as OEM clutch packages.

Mechanical Power Takeoff PDF

Pilotless Takeoff PDF

Automotive-Style Spring Loaded Power Takeoff

13″ (SAE #3) Automotive style and 11″ GM style bellhousings available.

13″ (SAE #3) PDF

GM Style PDF

Type 1 Air/Hydraulic Power Takeoff

Sizes 314 (SAE #1), 318 (SAE #0), 321 (SAE #00) Straddle-Bearing PTOs.

Heavy-duty design for very high capacity sideload applications.

Type 1 Power Takeoff PDF

Type 2 Air/Hydraulic Power Takeoff

Sizes 211/311 (SAE #3, #2), 214/314 (SAE #2, #1, #0), 318 (SAE #0)

Cantilever design for medium to high capacity sideload applications.

Type 2 Power Takeoff PDF

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