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When people call us to place parts orders, some ask us questions about Worcester in the news. We tell them that Worcester, with a population of 185,000 people, is New England’s second-largest city and is located in the heart of the Commonwealth. In fact, 75% of New England’s 15 million people are within an hour of our facility. For an engine distributor, this is ideal.

Worcester is 45 minutes west of Boston. We have numerous colleges and universities to draw our people from. Our people have a great work ethic and a tradition of working with machine tools. Because we are on an on-ramp to I-290, we have great access to interstate highways as well as UPS and FedEx centers. As an older industrial city, we have access to inexpensive natural gas to heat our building, high voltage electric power for our machine tools, and other urban amenities.

Displayed below are a series of Worcester in the news. We think you will enjoy reading about how our people have transformed an older Northeastern industrial city into a thriving education, health, and distribution center.

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