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About Ford Industrial Engines

Foley Engines proudly offers replacement engines and parts for Ford industrial engines. With over 20,000 square feet of engines and engine parts, we’re confident that we have you covered. We stock remanufactured Ford engines and are ready to ship.


Our Ford 300 factory remanufactured engines, known as the CSG649i Series were manufactured by Ford between 1975 and 1998, feature quality components and machining designed for severe duty industrial use. These factory remanufactured engines are complete (from the valve cover down through the center sump oil pan) and include the correct industrial-style hardened timing gears. They feature hypereutectic high silicone coated pistons with chrome moly piston rings, all new premium stellite valves (suitable for high temperature dry fuel such as propane and natural gas), and a new high volume industrial oil pump with pickup tube. A new valve cover is also included. Why would you want to use a refurbished valve cover with your newly remanufactured engine?


The block and head castings to be remanufactured are machined for severe duty use. They are magnafluxed for subsurface cracks and then resurfaced with an RA of 50 for the head and 100 for the block. The cylinder heads feature high performance three angle valve seats, and the cylinder walls have an RA of 16/32.


We believe that Tech Support Matters™. Upon completion and final assembly, the engines are tested, and a heat tab applied to the cylinder head to record any period of overheating. The engines are then painted with a deluxe primer paint and a finish enamel in CAT Yellow. The engine is shipped with a Ford 300 Industrial Engine Workshop Manual, an engine installation checklist, extra oil filters, two spray cans of touch up paint, and a container of zinc additive for the valve train break-in period. During the installation period we suggest that the radiator be cleaned and tested, and a new water pump and thermostat be installed. 


All in all, this is a superior quality, true industrial engine. Ready for a long, productive life. This engine has a six month warranty from the date of the invoice and is limited to $250 in labor.


In addition to Ford CSG649i remanufactured engines and parts we also carry parts and engines for other Ford Industrial Model Numbers. These include Ford KSG416 (known as the Ford 98), LSG875i (known as the Ford 460), LRG425, and LSG423 (to name a few). Just give us a call with your engine information and our Parts Department will be happy to help you get the parts you need to get back up and running!


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