Frequently Asked Questions


How does Foley ship?

We’ll ship your order any way that you would like.

Most people prefer UPS, and we try to ship all parts orders the same day they are ordered. You can specify different levels of UPS service (ground, Second Day Air, Next Day Air, etc.) or choose a different carrier (FedEx, etc.). Most engines are shipped by common carriers utilizing our deep discounts. We recommend airfreight shipment of engines destined for the Caribbean or Latin America because surface transportation is roughly the same price and much slower.

Will Foley ship parts internationally to a third party?

Yes, we have a great deal of experience shipping all over the world. We have drop shipped Continental G193 engines into Israel during their Six Day War, air freighted a Perkins 4108 engine into Belize for that country’s navy, an order of updraft carburetors to Ho Chi Minh City, and most recently diesel power units for well drilling rigs in Haiti. (We probably know more about what fits through a 727 cargo door than Boeing!) With this expertise we can get your gasket order into your hands ASAP.

How can I track my shipment?

We email customers a Tracking Number for UPS parts shipments at 6pm every night. For engine orders we email customers a Tracking Number as the engine leaves our facility via common carrier.

What should I do if a part is damaged in shipping?

Parts damaged in shipping should be reported immediately to UPS at 800.742.5877, and they will handle your claim.

Parts were missing / incorrect when my shipment arrived. What do I do?

All sales are final. Because of this, it is very important that you immediately inspect the contents of your shipment. You should report incorrect or missing parts by fax, e-mail or phone on the day the parts are received. 

Missing or incorrect parts claim not reported within 48 hours will not be accepted.

You offer “same day shipping.” What does that really mean?

We will get your order processed and sent out for shipping on the day you place your order.

We ship by UPS Ground Service from Foley Engines to locations in the continental U.S. which takes 1 to 6 days to arrive, depending on your location. If that’s too slow, we can ship for Next Day or Second Day delivery as late as 5:00 PM Eastern.

To see how long it will take to ship to your location, please see our Same Day Shipping page.


Why does Foley sell only genuine OEM parts?

Because nothing fits or performs like the real thing, we sell only genuine parts from the original equipment manufacturer. We don’t substitute no-name, after-market parts and hope they’ll work in your engine.

Is remanufactured as good as a new unit?

Yes, it should give the same service life for about 50-65% of the cost of a new component. Usually, however, the factory warranty period on a new unit is significantly longer (up to two years) than the three-month warranty on a remanufactured unit. The new component also can probably be rebuilt a couple of times locally. All in all, though, a remanufactured unit represents a good value.

Isn’t remanufactured the same as rebuilt?

No, a remanufactured component has been overhauled on a production line to original factory specs. All internal parts regardless of condition are usually discarded and new genuine OEM parts installed. Wearing surfaces are magnafluxed and remachined.

On the other hand, rebuilt components are usually done locally one at a time. Commonly only the defective part is replaced and the local rebuilder doesn’t offer much of a warranty or make any representation about the overall quality of the component. He is not ISO 6000 certified and isn’t working to original standards.

How do I know I’ll get the right part?

Our Customer Service people rely on the information you give us, our 102 years in the engine business and factory-level (and cloud based) resources

To ship you the right part the first time, we’ll ask for your engine serial number and any numbers from the existing part. In some cases we may want you to email a digital photograph or fax a print direct to us for precise identification.

Then, leave it to us. After all, we’ve been doing this since 1916!

What is an RGA number?

An RGA number is a Returned Goods Authorization number.

When shipping back parts, this number is written in large black ink on the outside of the package being returned.

Without this number accompanying a parts return, our Shipping Department cannot accept the return.

How do I request an RGA number?

Please call our Parts Department (508.753.2979) with your Invoice Number to request an RGA number.

They will ask you the circumstances or reason for return and will email you an RGA Request Form upon approval.

When you quote me on a remanufactured component, why do you request that I turn in the old one when I’m finished?

Simply put, we need your old component to keep the remanufacturing flow going. We do recommend though that you keep both units side by side for a couple of days until everything is switched over. Having both the old and new together is just one benefit of our exchange program.


How do I handle my core return?

We make core returns easy with simple forms to help you with your core return. To speed your core credit, please complete the Core Return Form attached to your invoice and write the original invoice number on the outside of the carton.

Please note that all core returns must be made within 30 days to be considered for a full refund.

A copy of the packing slip should accompany the Core Return Form. Cores returned without a completed core return form and related paperwork will be assessed a penalty of $100.

Engine cores or reman engines must be returned on our shipping stand, complete, assembled, capable of rotating a full 360 degrees, and without visible holes or cracks. All Castings must be rebuildable.

Our Accounting Department will then credit your credit card or issue you a check, depending on how you originally paid.

Foley Engine reserves the right to accept or reject any core.

Click for our Core Return Form.

How do you handle returns? What items can I return?

The return of any parts (excluding core returns) must be pre-authorized by Foley Engines, have an RGA number assigned to the return, and returned within 10 days of receipt. Unauthorized returns will be returned to the customer.

Returns will be accepted for either a full Foley store credit or a credit minus a 25 % restocking charge.

Engines, gaskets, electrical items, carburetors, workshop manuals and other commonly used diagnostic components are not returnable under any circumstances.

Special Order are not returnable.

When you ship the item(s) back to us, a return authorization number (RGA) must be written on the outside of the carton. Please call our shipping Department at 508.753.1747 for an RGA.

Naturally, any parts to be returned must be clean, never been installed, in the original shipping container and re-sellable.

Parts must be returned within 10 days, with an RGA number to be considered for credit.

Can I return a Special Order?

We regret that any special orders, by their very nature, cannot be cancelled or returned.

Other Topics

How can I get a complete hard copy of your Foley Tech Tips?

We include three or four Tech Tips for free with every order we ship. If you’d like to see more, you can read and print the entire series on our website.

Where can I read more about engine technology and repair?

We strongly recommend that you purchase the specific workshop manual for the engine. Foley stocks workshop manuals for all the engine lines we handle. For more general reading, we think highly of Nigel Calder’s Marine Diesel Engines (International Marine Publishing, Camden, ME). Calder’s book is available from the Wooden Boat Magazine bookstore (1.800.273.7447) or the Island Bound Bookstore on Block Island (401.466.8878). Finally the Practical Sailor offers a wealth of information on a monthly basis.

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