Great Pricing

Great Pricing

Foley Engines prides itself in not only offering a full line of engine parts and engines for every product line we offer, but great pricing too! Over the years, decades actually, we’ve come to the conclusion that great pricing does not have to result in a sacrifice in quality. Just the opposite happens at Foley.

We’ve done the research. Foley Engines offers OEM grade parts at a price that’s comparable and often time better than the low end imports. Our Deutz engine parts program and Deutz engine exchange program are two perfect examples of this.

Take our Deutz remanufactured exchange program for example: we stock over 60 complete remanufactured Deutz engines. These engines are remanufactured using OEM grade parts which are sourced directly from Germany, the folks that know a thing or two about Deutz.

That’s great guys but what does this mean for me, the customer? It means that you get a fantastic product at a discounted price.

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