Gasoline, LP, NG Scrubbers


Simply put, our exhaust purifiers allow you to work indoors close to a gas or propane fueled engine without any health risks. They do this by using catalytic exhaust technology to make the exhaust emissions safe to breathe. Each purifier houses a catalytic core, which cuts harmful emissions by collecting gas particles and burning off dangerous pollutants. These include particles such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC). The harmful emissions of gas or propane engines are converted into water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which makes it safe to work in proximity with your machine.



The most cost effective and easiest to install is simply a clip-on style purifier that installs at the end of the tail pipe. We supply the purifier with the right sized muffler clamp, and it installs easily. Depending on the horsepower of the engine, the scrubber is typically the size of a coffee can. Scrubbers are physically larger for a high horsepower engine such as a 1000 HP engine in a generator. When the purifier is no longer needed, such as in a rental application, it can be removed and stored.


The other style purifier or scrubber is a direct fit combination exhaust purifier/muffler. This style is most used when there is no room at the end of the tail pipe to attach a clip-on purifier. These combination muffler purifiers are the same shape and spatial dimensions as the OEM muffler and the installation time is similar to changing out a muffler. Typically, once installed these are not removed. These muffler/purifiers usually cost up to twice as much because they are both a muffler as well as a purifier.


We also have scrubbers for Honda and Wisconsin engines. The scrubbers for the Honda’s are combination muffler/purifiers that are identical to the OEM Honda muffler in size and shape. For Wisconsin engines, we can supply a clip-on purifier, but because Wisconsin engines are inherently “dirty,” we recommend that you change the carburetor jet size, install new spark plugs, and use premium spark plug wires (such as Accel). See Tech Tip #56: Spark Plug 101, for more information on Wisconsin spark plugs. Tech Tip #26: Foley Engines Clean Air Tip, has more information on exhaust scrubbers for gasoline fueled engines.


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Foley Environmental is different: we are a three-generation, 104 year old family firm that wants to help.


Foley Environmental is a division of Foley Industrial Engines, the oldest engine distributor in North America. Our 106 years in the engine business has given us extensive knowledge of fuel and exhaust systems. This makes us the ideal supplier for your company’s needs. Foley Environmental serves both the public and private sectors, with a customer base that includes Boston’s Big Dig, California public works projects, Brown University, Narragansett Electric Company, IBM, Vassar College, as well as various public works projects and companies.

Foley Environmental is different: we are a three-generation, one hundred four year old family firm that wants to help.

Our exhaust scrubbers allow you to work indoors with a propane or gas engine while reducing the emissions output of your equipment. These air purifiers install easily and come in different styles, depending on the application.


More information on the gas and LP exhaust scrubbers are available in PDF format by clicking here.

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