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Lots of folks in the engine business like to go after the “low-hanging-fruit”. This means you’ll be luck to obtain a very basic, bare bones engine kit from them. But what happens when you need something special such as rocker tower bolts for your 1011F or 2011 series Deutz engine? Or a fuel injection pump or injector for your Perkins engine? Most companies don’t want to stock specialty items such as fuel system components or specialty torque to yield bolts. We do!

Take our power takeoff clutch program for example. We could easily just stock the most common replacement parts like the SP111 HP3 or a 4-34510 PTO assembly. We take it a few steps further. Not everyone wants to buy a complete clutch assembly instead they’d rather fix what they have. We have pre-made hardware kits which are needed during the re-assembly process of a Rockford clutch. This is often needed but never discussed by other folks. When doing a job as simple as changing out a facing, you will need some new clevis pins, cotter pins and springs. We’ve taken the time to stock items like these so you don’t have to spend you entire day at the hardware store.

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