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Dr. Diesel headshotAs engine professionals, we feel an obligation to share our knowledge with our customers and other engine pros. To do so we publish an ongoing series of “Tech Tips” designed to help you keep your Perkins, Deutz, Deere, or Continental engine up and running, your Hurth marine transmission last longer, your Rockford and Twin Disc® PTO to function better, or your exhaust scrubber and purifier to clean more air.

We share in writing these Tech Tips and try to do one or two a month. These Tech Tips have evolved over the years but they stay constant in their goal of communicating our knowledge to our customers and our fellow engine pros.

Dr. Diesel™ welcomes your comments and suggestions.

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Tech Tip #214: AutoClutch PTOs Made Easy

November 30, 2016

We stock over 200 AutoClutch PTOs and clutch kits (disc, pressure plate, pilot bearing, greaseable release bearing, and installation/alignment tool).

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Tech Tip #213: Working on a Deutz 511 engine? Here’s How to Find the Serial Number

November 29, 2016

This tech tip follows other earlier ones on Deutz serial number locations. Please see Tech Tip #199: Deutz Engine Serial Number Location Made Easy and our Videos section on our website for more help on finding the serial number on your Deutz engine. The Deutz 511 is a widely-used engine that is found in Bobcats as well as other…

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Tech Tip #212: Identifying the Ford 460 Water Pump

October 19, 2016

The Ford LSG875i industrial engine, a variant of the Ford 460 truck engine, has been widely used in generator set applications over the years. This engine is commonly found in Kohler and Onan generators. While the Ford LSG875i engine is a rugged performer, the water pump will occasionally need to be replaced. The problem is…

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Tech Tip #211: How to Identify the Hercules D2000, D2300, D3400, G2000, G2300 and G3400 Engines

October 18, 2016

This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip is one of a number we publish for the professional engine rebuilder community. It follows on the heels of Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip #204: How to Identify the Hercules G1600 Engine, an earlier Tech Tip about Hercules engine serial numbers. Like the Tech Tip for the G1600 Hercules (also known as…

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Tech Tip #210: Twin Disc Clutch Adjustment

October 15, 2016

This tag is included with every Twin Disc or Rockford clutch we ship. After all, we want your clutch to last a long time. The clutch was properly adjusted at the factory for the correct capacity. However, due to variables created by first time engagements the clutch engagement pressure must be measured to insure proper…

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Tech Tip #209: Ford LSG423 Gasket Identification Made Easy

October 14, 2016

The Ford Industrial Engine Model LSG423 uses different intake manifolds. Identifying which LSG423 gasket set to order can be difficult. The chart and directions below should be helpful in purchasing gaskets for your LSG423. ALPHA CODE CARB MOUNT INTAKE PORT CONFIGURATION MANIFOLD PN GASKET PN DESCRIPTION A E1ZZ-9424-B D4FZ-9441-A OVAL PORTS B E1ZZ-9424-B E59Z-9439-A “D”…

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Tech Tip #208: Perkins 1000 Series Connecting Rods: Fractured or Serrated?

October 13, 2016

This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip, one of now more than 200 we publish for the industrial engine community, discusses how to identify the connecting rods in a Perkins 1000 Series engine. This Tech Tip follows in the path of others we have published that were concerned with Perkins connecting rods including Tech Tip #76: The Nuts…

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Tech Tip #207: Twin Disc IBF314 Power Takeoff Clutch

October 12, 2016

This Dr. Diesel™ tech tip is one of a series that we publish for the industrial engine community. It focuses on the Twin Disc IBF314 power take off clutch assembly and how to identify which one you have. Check out other Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tips including Tech Tip #48: Maintaining Your Rockford and Twin Disc Power…

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Tech Tip #206: Twin Disc and Rockford PTO Lubrication: How Often and How Much should I Lubricate my Power Takeoff?

May 17, 2016

This Tech Tip is one of a series we publish for the industrial engine community. It focuses on how to lubricate your Twin Disc or Rockford power takeoff clutch. The chart below shows a good maintenance schedule for Twin Disc and Rockford PTOs.   To Lubricate your PTO Operating Shaft: Grease every 3 months /…

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Tech Tip #205: Twin Disc or Rockford Not lasting as Long as it should? Here’s an Easy Fix

May 16, 2016

A fair number of people running a Twin Disc or Rockford power takeoff clutch in wood chippers and tub grinders tell us that they aren’t getting the life out of their power takeoff clutch that they should. Most of the time the issue is one of too much side-load on the PTO output shaft. This…

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Tech Tip #204: How to Identify the Hercules G1600 Engine

April 28, 2016

The Hercules G1600 engine is one of the smaller industrial engines made by the Hercules engine company. It has been used successfully in Bandit Chippers, Daewoo forklifts,  water pumps, generators and also used in CAT forklifts where it has been private labelled by Caterpillar as the “CAT 1404” engine. The G1600 engine series has some important…

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Tech Tip #203: Deutz and Perkins Turbocharger Maintenance Made Easy

March 2, 2016

This Tech Tip, one of a number we publish for the engine community, discusses the importance of proper maintenance of your Deutz or Perkins turbocharger. Turbochargers are an important component in industrial engines, especially smaller Deutz engines. They are engineered to add power throughout the engine operating range without changing the size of the engine…

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Tech Tip #202: Ford CSG649i / Ford 300 Cylinder Head Differences Made Easy

February 3, 2016

This Tech Tip, one of a number we publish for the engine community, discusses the differences among Ford 240 and Ford 300 cylinder heads. The Ford 300 engine (also known as the CSG649i when used in industrial applications) first appeared in 1965 and was produced for the next 31 years. This in-line six cylinder engine…

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Tech Tip #201: Wisconsin Two Cylinder Cast Iron Engines: How to Tell the TJD from the THD

January 27, 2016

The two cylinder Wisconsin TJD and THD are both rugged, air cooled, cast iron workhorses used widely as sander engines on the back of snow plow trucks, to power irrigation pumps in cranberry bogs, in log splitters and many other industrial applications. Wisconsin Motors began producing air-cooled engines in 1929. These engines, while old and…

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Tech Tip #200: Rebuilding Deutz Connecting Rods

January 19, 2016

The Deutz 912 series diesel engine, while a rugged, long lasting engine, can be tricky to rebuild. Take the connecting rods, a very important component of a compression firing engine. On a Deutz 912 these rods come in two different styles: weighted and unweighted and can’t be used interchangeably. The problem comes in when you…

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Tech Tip #199: Deutz Engine Serial Number Location Made Easy

January 18, 2016

Recent Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tips have sought to help people find and unscramble the serial numbers found on their engines. This Tech Tip focuses on how to find the serial number on a Deutz engine. This is very important because Deutz parts are serial number dependent.  In other words, the vast majority of Deutz parts…

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Tech Tip #198: Wisconsin and Continental Solid State Distributor Installation Made Easy

December 29, 2015

This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip is designed to help you correctly install one of our Foley Hytork™ solid state distributors in your Wisconsin engine model VH4D, W41770, V465D, TJD, THD or VG4D engine. The installation instructions are largely the same for Continental engine models F227, F245, F244, F226, F163 and F162 as well as the…

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Tech Tip #197: How to Identify Your Ford Industrial Model Year

November 6, 2015

This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip is about how to unscramble a Ford Industrial engine’s serial number to determine the production year. Foley Engines has long supported Ford Industrial engine owners by stocking both new and remanufactured Ford Industrial engines and parts. Identifying the correct replacement parts for a Ford Industrial engine can be difficult. Ford…

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Tech Tip #196: Ford 300 Ring Gears Made Easy

October 16, 2015

The CSG649i is the industrial version of the Ford 300. This Ford industrial engine is used widely in such industrial applications as wood chippers, airport tugs, and other applications requiring a rugged six cylinder gas engine. While it is getting long in the tooth, it is still a very popular engine. The Ford 300 is…

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Tech Tip #195: How to Identify Perkins 4.107 and 4.108 Lift Pumps

October 15, 2015

The Perkins 4.108 engine, both the marine and industrial versions, is getting long in the tooth. Unfortunately, parts are steadily drying up. The Perkins 4.108 predecessor, the Perkins 4.99 and the Perkins 4.107, also referred to as the Westerbeke 40, are even older and those parts are increasingly hard to find. But because we’ve been…

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