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Dr. Diesel's Tech Tips

As engine professionals, we feel an obligation to share our knowledge with our customers and other engine pros. To do so we publish an ongoing series of “Tech Tips” designed to help you keep your Perkins, Deutz, Deere, or Continental engine up and running, your Rockford and Twin Disc® PTO to function better, or your exhaust scrubber and purifier to clean more air.

We share in writing these Tech Tips and try to do one or two a month. These Tech Tips have evolved over the years but they stay constant in their goal of communicating our knowledge to our customers and our fellow engine pros.

Dr. Diesel™ welcomes your comments and suggestions.

Tech Tips

Video Tips

Tech Tip #220: Helpful Information for Deutz 912, 913 and 914 Oil Cooler Installation

Tech Tip #219: How to Prolong the Life of Your Rockford 4-25754 Clutch

Tech Tip #218: Running a Twin Disc Power Takeoff Clutch and Need to Replace it? Here is How to Decide if You Need a Complete PTO or Just a Clutch Pack

Tech Tip #217: How to Order a Deutz 1011 / 2011 ESO in Two Easy Steps

Tech Tip #216: Governors and the Battle Setting

Tech Tip #215: The Ins and Outs of Engine Block Heaters

Tech Tip #214: AutoClutch PTOs Made Easy

Tech Tip #213: Working on a Deutz 511 engine? Here’s How to Find the Serial Number

Tech Tip #212: Identifying the Ford 460 Water Pump

Tech Tip #211: How to Identify the Hercules D2000, D2300, D3400, G2000, G2300 and G3400 Engines

Tech Tip #210: Twin Disc Clutch Adjustment

Tech Tip #209: Ford LSG423 Gasket Identification Made Easy

Tech Tip #208: Perkins 1000 Series Connecting Rods: Fractured or Serrated?

Tech Tip #207: Twin Disc IBF314 Power Takeoff Clutch

Tech Tip #206: Twin Disc and Rockford PTO Lubrication: How Often and How Much should I Lubricate my Power Takeoff?

Tech Tip #205: Twin Disc or Rockford Not lasting as Long as it should? Here’s an Easy Fix

Tech Tip #204: How to Identify the Hercules G1600 Engine

Tech Tip #203: Deutz and Perkins Turbocharger Maintenance Made Easy

Tech Tip #202: Ford CSG649i / Ford 300 Cylinder Head Differences Made Easy

Tech Tip #201: Wisconsin Two Cylinder Cast Iron Engines: How to Tell the TJD from the THD