Helpful tip on keeping the air we breathe nice and clean

Eliminate Carbon Monoxide Problems with Propane-Powered Forklifts

When propane-powered forklifts are operated indoors without proper fresh air ventilation, harmful levels of carbon monoxide (CO) may be found in the building. This can cause mild to severe nausea and poisoning. CO poisoning is brought on by incomplete burning of any material containing carbon, such as propane, gasoline, oil, natural gas, coal, or wood. CO is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that can only be detected with special equipment which measures air quality, or by observing poisoning symptoms in humans. Symptoms range from nausea, dizziness or headaches to brain or heart damage and even death.

When operating a propane powered forklift, the safest way to prevent CO threat is to tune the truck regularly, maintain it properly, and to add an exhaust purifier. Simple maintenance items such as an improperly gapped spark plug or a dirty air filter, can cause CO emission problems. A dirty air filter, as common as it may seem, can cause a problem due to lack of clean air mixing in during engine combustion.

For the inevitable CO problem, Foley Engines can equip your trucks with an Engelhard Exhaust Purifier. EngelHard Purifiers reduce up to 98% of harmful pollutants. For more information please call 800 233-6539. Foley Engines, the oldest engine distributor in the US serves the forklift and construction industries throughout the US. Foley is authorized in Engelhard, Perkins, Continental and Wisconsin.

The maximum allowable US OSHA concentration for continuous CO exposure in any eight hour period is 50 parts per million, according to federal law. Since the only warning you may have is someone getting sick or complaining about headaches, routine truck maintenance cannot be ignored.