Foley Scrubbers Featured in Construction Equipment Guide


Industries Demand Foley Engines’ Scrubbers to Meet Regulations

Construction, transportation, mining and other industries are demanding Foley Engines‘ scrubbers, as OSHA and MSHA have strengthened regulations in these industries.

Foley scrubbers are used in tight spaces, such as mines and tunnels, as well as construction sites throughout the country. Foley scrubbers were used in the construction of Boston’s Big Dig.

The firm has been manufacturing and selling diesel and gas engine scrubbers for more than two decades and has become a major supplier of the devices in the United States. Its newest line of scrubbers is branded as CleanAirExhaust365 exhaust scrubbers….

Foley has been selling diesel engine components for over 100 years, and our exhaust scrubbers are an increasingly common request. These custom made emission control devices help you work your engines, regardless of the location. Call our team today to get your custom exhaust scrubber.


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