Tech Tip #221: Ford 300 Water Pump Identification

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel


Water pumps can be a high mortality item on industrial engines. This Tech Tip helps you with finding the correct replacement water pump for a Ford 300 / CSG649 industrial engine.

This is important because the pumps listed in the chart below are not interchangeable and are the only two pumps, that we know of, that will be found on the CSG649i industrial Ford engines.

Caution: Cuidado!

You should not try to install a Ford water pump you picked up at your auto parts store on a CSG649i engine. It won’t work. The mounting flange will be different and when you tighten the mounting bolts, they will damage the block casting by puncturing the number 1 cylinder wall. A ground support equipment (GSE) company at the Pierre Trudeau Airport in Montreal ruined two engine blocks this way before realizing that buying the correct industrial water pump is less expensive than replacing an engine block.


Casting #

Pulley Flange Thickness

Shaft OD

Water Connection

Secondary Casting #












We hope that this Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip has been helpful. We believe that Tech Support Matters™ and publish this ongoing series of Tech Tips for the industrial engine community. We welcome your feedback. Foley also stocks and has ready to ship replacement engines and parts for the Ford 300 / CSG649i.




Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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