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Sharing Our Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Power to build ties to engine users. To build a relationship with our customers, we share with you our 103 years of knowledge in many ways. We have this special section called "Ask Dr. Diesel™" where you can pose questions about engines, transmissions, industrial hand clutches, exhaust scrubbers, etc.

We also have an ongoing series of Tech Tips that you can easily download and print for your future reference. We include a sampling of these Tech Tips in every package we ship.

Additionally, Dr. Diesel™ insists that every engine overhaul parts kit, marine transmission, or industrial power take-off that we ship goes out with a Workshop Manual.

We also are sought out for interviews by national trade publications such as Hard Hat News, National Fisherman, etc. We willingly share our experience on engines and transmissions with their readers.

Our customers tell us that no one else in the industry, certainly not an 800 number catalog house, a local rebuilder or parts store, is willing or able to give them this necessary information.