Tech Tip #235: Cummins B Series Front Covers Made Easy

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel

Over the years Cummins has offered a variety of front gear covers for their B Series engines. These front gear covers are not interchangeable and vary by the fuel injection pump.

Dr. Diesel™ has put together a chart comparing the Cummins B Series front gear covers and the applicable fuel injection pump.


Injection Pump Style

B Series Front Cover


P Style

One Style

4 Bolt Front End


One Style

3 Bolt (very popular)

A Style

3 Different Styles

4 Bolt Hole Emissions Style

We hope that this Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip has been helpful. If you need to swap your Cummins B Series front cover, check out Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip #234: How to Change the Front Gear on a Cummins B Series Engine for a handy checklist

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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