Ford Industrial In-Line 6 Cylinder Gas Engines: How to Tell Them Apart

Ford Industrial In-Line 6 Cylinder Gas EngineThis Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip is one in a series we publish for the marine and industrial engine community. It focuses on how to differentiate the Ford 200GF, the Ford 223GF and the Ford 300 CSG649/Ford 240 six cylinder engines. It is one of several we have published on Ford Industrial engines. See for example,

Ford Industrial Engine
Ford Industrial in-line six cylinder gas engines are commonly used in wood chippers and other industrial applications. Over the years, engine serial number identifying decals become hard to read or are no longer present. When people order parts for these Ford Industrial engines they often are puzzled regarding which engine they have. Here are some ways to tell them apart which should make it easier to order parts for these six cylinder Fords.

Engine Type

Manifold Location/Type

Water Pump

Ford 200

Intake Manifold is part of the Cylinder Head

No Side Cover

Ford 223

Manifolds are on LEFT side of engine when viewed from the REAR of the engine (flywheel end)One Water Pump; only 3 mounting bolt holes

Ford 240/300

Manifolds are on RIGHT side of engine when viewed from the REAR of the engine (flywheel end)Two different Water Pumps depending on shaft diameter (5/8″ vs.3/4″); each with 4 mounting bolts of varying lengths (be cautious when reinstalling)