How to keep your Exhaust Manifold in check

A leaking exhaust manifolds on a Perkins, Deere or Deutz engine can be annoying. If left alone, this can lead to burst exhaust valves.

Here’s how to stop a leak:

  1. Check the manifold flanges with a straight-edge and a feeler gauge. (You shouldn’t be able to slide a .010 inch feeler gauge under the straight edge.)
  2. Clean and resurface as necessary. (A belt surfacer does a good job.)
  3. Soak the manifold gasket in water and using a blow drier, heat-shrink it into place.
  4. Use high temp copper silicone sealant around each of the port openings. (Note: This works only on traditional asbestos-style gaskets.)
  5. Because access to the studs or bolts will be limited, use a Snap-On brand high performance 12 point socket (with it’s thinner walls). The lower priced imported sockets have very thick walls. Dr. Diesel™ suggests that aftermarket sockets should only be used as sinkers on cod fish rigs.
  6. To prevent the bolts from loosening, use a high temp silicone sealant like Lock-Tite.
  7. Tighten in a circular, hop-scotch pattern as you would on a cylinder head. Re-tighten after 10 hours. If working on a torque-to-yield head bolt setup, as on a Deutz diesel, call us toll free at 1.800.233.6539 for the Deutz Workshop manual. You’ll need it!