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Tech Tip #153: Hurth HBW50/100/125/150 Transmissions: Two Common Problems Easily Avoided

This Tech Tip is one of an ongoing series that we write to help people maintain their ZF/Hurth mechanical transmissions in good working order.

Tech Tip # 22: Hurth Gears: Care and Maintenance, we helped you properly maintain your ZFHurth transmission. We visited the topic again in Tech Tip # 78: Hurth Marine Transmissions: The Ins and Outs of Basic Service. In Tech Tip # 96: ZF Hurth Marine Transmissions: A Six Step Program, Dr. Diesel™ released his Top Secret 6-step Program to help keep your ZF-Hurth transmission running in top condition.

Here are two more issues with ZF/Hurth transmissions. We want to thank Bob Gerwig at Brewer’s South Freeport in Maine for mentioning these additional thoughts to us.

Two Common Problems with Hurth Gears

  1. It is important to maintain the 0.5mm distance between the shaft arm and the shaft housing point. Not doing so can be harmful and cause drivetrain blinding, potential overheating of the Hurth gear transmission and its eventual failure.
  2. Losing the dipstick washer. This can cause two problems. The copper washer works as an anticorrosive insulator between the carbon steel dipstick and the aluminum case of the ZF/Hurth transmission. Without this washer, you could find yourself in a situation where the dipstick becomes stuck in the case. Secondly, the absence of the washer will result in an incorrect reading of the oil level and even allow fluid to leak out.

P.S. We strongly encourage that you use our Foley Hurth Hytork Fluid in your Hurth mechanical transmission. It will run cooler and last longer. Cool gears are happy gears.