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Hurth & ZF Marine Transmissions

Hurth ZF transmissionZF/Marine transmissions are a specialty with us. These lightweight mechanical marine reverse gears are very forgiving.

But when your Hurth transmission begins to slip in forward, that's usually a sign that the gear will need replacement. But don't worry. Foley can help!

We stock both new and remanufactured ZF/Hurth transmissions, as well as overhaul parts kits, damper plates and our innovative cooler kits.

We offer you lots of options.

Available Options


New Hurth transmissions

To keep you out on the water, we stock Hurth gears heavily. In fact, We're told we stock more new ZF/Hurth transmissions than even the factory! There are several benefits if you choose to buy a new Hurth from Foley. First, there is a free two year, world wide warranty through ZF/Hurth. This is a good deal for a someone on a long cruise or for someone who is going to keep their boat. Additionally, new Hurths are also generally only few hundred dollars more than a remanufactured one. Finally, we try have all Hurth models in all  ratios in stock and ready to ship. We have extensive experience in shipping Hurth marine gears all over the world, so getting a new ZF/Hurth out to on Cape Cod or Punta Gorda is no big deal and you won't lose any time on the water.


Remanufactured Hurth marine gears

To give people additional options,  We also stock factory remanufactured Hurth marine gears. Rather than sending your Hurth out for rebuilding locally, you should consider one of these remanufactured units. You get a quality marine transmission with a firm, upfront fixed price, instant shipping and a free three month warranty. Compare this with the inevitable delays, open ended pricing, and warranty concerns when you send your gear out for rebuilding locally.


Hurth overhaul parts kits

For someone who is handy and on a budget, you should consider one of our Hurth gear rebuild kits. We stock overhaul parts kits for all Hurth marine gears and have them  ready to ship anywhere in the world. These kits contain all the gaskets, seals, clutches, and shims you will need. To help you do it right,  we also include a free Hurth Workshop Manual, Tech Tips on Hurth  maintenance, and  a container of our Foley Hurth Hytork Fluid. All in all this is a good option for someone who has the time to rebuild his Hurth gear and makes a good winter project.


Custom Rebuilding/Resealing

If you have an unusual marine gear like a Paragon or maybe you just want your existing marine transmission re-gasketed and resealed, call us. We will pick up your transmission anywhere in North America and quote you on the work. We'll do it right the first time. After all, we've been doing this for nearly 100 years.


Damper plates, flex couplings, and coolers

We have most damper plates (the clutch-like plate bolted to your flywheel), flex couplings, and transmission coolers in stock and ready to ship. For Hurth marine transmissions, we have an innovative cooler kit that bolts on to the outside of the case and raw water runs through it, cooling the lube oil in the transmission. (Dr Diesel says that you should always remember that cool oil is happy oil!). We talk about damper plates and our cooler kits on our various Tech Tips. See for example Tech Tip #104: ZF/Hurth and BorgWarner Damper Plates: Shake, Rattle and Roll.


For more information on Hurth and ZF marine transmissions and how to maintain them, take a look at our Hurth/ZF Tech Tips below:

in the U.S. 1.800.23.FOLEY


If you're looking for manuals for the following models, we offer them for sale online as either a downloadable PDF or a paper version.


Hurth HBW 35 / 50 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 150A / 150V / 250 Repair Manual

ZF 280 / 280-1 / 280A / 280-1A / IRM 280A / IRM 280A-1 Service Manual

ZF 45C / 63C / 88C Repair Manual

ZF 63A / 63 / 80A / 80-1A / 85A Repair Manual

Read about the Hurth/ZF warranty on new transmissions, and the Foley Engines warranty on factory remanufactured ones.