Deutz diesel oil coolers can be difficult to install correctly. These Deutz oil coolers look easy to install, however, there are a couple tricks to the trade that you should know about.  Let’s dive right in.

When installing an oil cooler on a Deutz model 912, 913 or 914 engine the sequence in which the cooler is tightened down is crucial.  First, you want to tighten the oil cooler bolts located at the top of the cooler body.  These bolts hold the cooler body to the sheet metal of the engine.

Next, in sequence, bolt down the duplex rings at the bottom of the cooler tubes.  These duplex rings have a steel ferrule that gets clamped to the aluminum tube, once tightened.  Once this ferrule it clamped down, it’s fixed in place for the life of the cooler.  By tightening the ferrule and duplex ring last, you reduce the risk of breaking this compression seal upon installation.

Want more info?  We stock Workshop Manuals for most Deutz engines and can quickly email you a PDF of the relevant Deutz Workshop Manual with a hard copy to follow by UPS.

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