This Tech Tip is one of a series we publish on industrial clutches known as “power takeoff clutches” or PTOs. It follows earlier Foley Tech Tips such as

AutoClutch PTObut this one is different. It focuses on the brand PTO. This AutoClutch PTO is a relatively new automotive-style power takeoff used  commonly on wood chippers and ODB leaf vacuum machines. It is similar to other automotive-style clutches including the Stein clutch by Stein Manufacturing. Because it is an automotive-style clutch it has a pressure plate and disc and not the usual cast iron “clutch pack” found in Twin Disc and Rockford over-center power takeoffs. As a result, the AutoClutch engages more easily and is more field serviceable.

The problem is people running wood chippers, and other industrial equipment, with AutoClutch power takeoffs often don’t know where to buy replacement parts. As a result they go back to their equipment dealer for AutoClutch parts. This can be expensive and time consuming.

But Foley can help. Not only do we stock AutoClutch parts heavily and deep discount them, we also offer an upgraded, greasable throw out bearing and offer good tech support. See Tech Tip #130: How to Get More Life out of Your AutoClutch Power Takeoff for more information. Check out also our Monthly Specials for an example of the AutoClutch parts list we provide.