Tech Tip #35: Working on a Perkins or Deutz with a Balky or Unusual Fastener?

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel

7 Helpful Tips to Remove Unusual or Balky Fasteners

Unusual Fasteners

  1. Have a Torx bolt on a Deutz 1011 or Deutz 2011 front cover? Use a 6 point TS30 to remove it. If you can’t find it locally, we stock it.
  2. Removing a Perkins 4.108 fuel injection pump? Use a 13mm socket on the 3 bolts that hold the pump on.
  3. Changing a damper plate? Use a 6 sided 6mm allen socket.

Rusty Fasteners

  1. Spray in some penetrating oil
  2. If it’s a screw, get a good bite on the head by tapping your screw driver in deeper with a hammer. Hit it with a couple of good raps.
  3. If it’s a bolt, weld a nut to on to it and use a socket to twist it out.
  4. Try cutting it off with a hand held die grinder.
Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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