Electric shutoff solenoidElectronic shut off solenoids on Deutz engines are high mortality items. They fail frequently and can be hard to identify, but we can help. Take a look at the chart below for two easy steps to identify the Deutz ESO that you need. We bet you can identify 99% of shut down solenoids used on Deutz 1011 / 2011 engines with this chart.


Model of Engine

1011F / 20111011 (non-F)
# of Prongs on Plug2


2 prong to 3 prong ESO adapterWhile the 2 prong ESO is no longer available, don’t worry. When it comes to Deutz, we’ve got you covered. We have a simple plug ‘n play adapter harness that lets you convert from 2 to 3 prongs.

Once you have identified which solenoid you need, you can order it from our website by clicking HERE.

However, if you have a Deutz 1011 / 2011 engine in a JLG aerial lift, this engine takes a special actuator. Call us at 800.233.6539 for discounted pricing as high as 40% off Deutz list price on a genuine OEM solenoid.

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