Tech Tip #193: Deutz 1011 and Deutz 2011 Electronic Shutoff Solenoids

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel

This Dr. Diesel™ Tech Tip focuses on the electronic shut off solenoid as used on Model 1011, 1011F and 2011 engines. The electronic shut off solenoid, which people refer to as “ESO”, is a very high mortality item on Deutz engines. We sell a ton of them. Because we sell so many of these solenoids we decided to find out why they fail.

For more information on Deutz ESOs check out Tech Tip #160: Deutz Diesel Electronic Solenoid Selection.

After Market Single Coil Deutz ESOs

Many aftermarket versions of this ESO are constructed differently from the genuine version. They often have a single coil, operating at continuous power and high amperage. They tend to overheat and fail often. See for example part number 428 7116.

Genuine Dual Coil Deutz ESOs

Genuine Deutz 1011/2011 electronic shut off solenoids, for example part number 4190 3812, have two coils. One coil runs at high amperage to open the arm on the solenoid. The second coil holds the arm open at low amperage. This prevents the shutdown solenoid from overheating and failing.

Electronic parts can be tricky. They may even look alike. See the photograph of two Deutz ESOs above on the left. An aftermarket ESO is on the left and a genuine Deutz ESO is on the right. They may look alike, but you never know what is inside. As a result, we think that you should only buy a genuine Deutz ESO and not try to save a dollar or two with an aftermarket version.

Why Buy Sketchy? Why Buy Junk?

All in all, most aftermarket Deutz ESOs are pretty sketchy because with their single coil they often overheat and soon fail. Moreover, we don’t think you should buy a replacement ESO from a company relying on a couple of cell phones and a flashy website. We think you can do better. Much better. We think you would be better off relying on an engine company that has years of experience with Deutz. A company who actually stocks Deutz engines and 20,000 square feet of Deutz engine parts.

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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