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Tech Tip #17: Working on Deutz or Perkins Industrial Engines? 3 Unexpected Uses for Grease

Saving Perkins and Deutz Gaskets: Using Grease

Helpful guide on how to save your Perkins and Deutz Gaskets

Yes, grease. No, not the Broadway play, just ordinary grease. Grease ranks up there with duct tape and baling were as must haves in any tool box. Here are a few ways to use grease you may not have thought of.

Use 1: Saving valve cover gaskets

Glue the valve cover gasket to the valve cover itself with silicon spray and coat the exposed bottom surface with grease. The valve cover now can be removed and reinstalled many times without having to change gaskets. It is like putting quick-disconnects on a valve cover.

Use 2: Hold screws in place

Dab some grease on to a screw and it will stick to your screw driver.

Use 3: Coolant repairs

Grease up the water pump gasket, thermostat gasket and inside the ends of the coolant hoses. The pump won’t leak and the hoses now can be easily changed in the future.

Caution: Do not use grease around high temp. areas like exhaust manifolds.

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