Ford LSG875i water pump identification video

The newest video in our Tech Support series is going to help you identify which Ford LSG875i / Ford 460 water pump you have; the 9 bolt pump or the 11 bolt pump. This video will walk you through the many identifiers for the 9 and 11 bolt water pumps. Knowing exactly which pump you have will make ordering a replacement or parts that much easier.

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Deutz injector removal tool from Foley Engines

Foley Engines is proud to introduce the newest addition to our line of Foley Hytork™ Tools. This new specialty tool is an innovative solution to removing Deutz fuel injectors from your engine. Our customers have asked for it so we delivered. We manufacture these tools in our Worcester, Massachusetts facility. This kit is used to remove fuel injectors from 912, 913, and 914 series Deutz engines. Call one of our engine pro’s toll free for more information at 800.233.6539.
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