Twin Disc Torque Converter Fluid


LinkBelt Crane


Running an older LinkBelt, American, Lima or Manitowoc crane with a Twin Disc torque converter?

Having a hard time finding the approved torque converter fluid?

Foley now has 5 gallon pails of Twin Disc approved fluid for just $125.

Call us toll free at 800.233.6539 to order or you can order online HERE


4 comments on “Twin Disc Torque Converter Fluid

  1. Which compatible torque converter fluid on the market can I use on an American crane using twin disc torque converter model no.CO-10066 -TCI.
    Can i use shell S2 ATF D2,Dexron II?

    1. David,
      Thank you for the message.
      The only fluid we know of to use is the Torque Converter Fluid available in our website store.
      We have it in stock and can ship out the same day you order.
      Let us know if you would like some.
      Thanks again,
      The Foley Engines Team

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