Tech Tip #88: Identifying John Deere PowerTech Engines

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel


Helpful tip in identifying John Deere PowerTech Engines

This Tech Tip, one in a series that we publish, is designed to help engine rebuilders distinguish the new PowerTech series of John Deere engines from the earlier Series 300 engines. John Deere diesel engines such Engines such as the 4039, 4045, etc. This is important because the new John Deere PowerTech engines take different internal parts from the older John Deere Series 300 but have the same model designation such as 4045T. In other words, if a customer has a John Deere Model 4045 engine and wants an engine kit, you first have to learn if it is a PowerTech engine or not.

Here’s how.

Valve Cover Sticker

The classic way to tell a John Deere PowerTech diesel from an earlier series was to look on the valve cover for a sticker saying “PowerTech.” The problem is that the sticker is probably long gone and no one is sure if the engine ever had a sticker.

Model Number Differences

There will be a model number stamped below the serial number on the John Deere engine serial number plate. If the model number concludes with “150”, “151”, “180”, “220”, “250”, “275”, or higher it is a PowerTech engine. The problem is that no one in the field is going to be able to remember these numbers.

Fuel Lift Pump Location

The fuel lift pump on the PowerTech engine is located toward the rear of the engine. The fuel lift pump on the Series 300 is located toward the front of the engine. Again, there are problems with this. Many people can’t correctly identify the front of the engine.

Series 300 vs. PowerTech: The Easiest Way to Tell!

So, here is Dr Diesel’s all-time simple way to differentiate between PowerTech and Series 300. This is too important to be left to memory. Smart guys will write it on their wrist in magic marker. (Dr. Diesel™ will even send you a free magic marker if you’ve lost yours!)

Valve Cover Bolt Holes. Just look at the valve cover. If the bolt holes run around the perimeter it is a John Deere diesel, Series 300. If they run down the middle, it is a John Deere PowerTech. End of story.

Naturally, we stock both PowerTech and non-PowerTech engines and kits.


Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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