Deutz 1012/1013 Cooling System Manual

Deutz 1012/1013 Cooling System Service and Maintenance

Cleaning Intervals

  • The amount of contamination in the cooling system depends on the engine applications.
  • Spilled oil or fuel on the engine increases the risk of contamination. Be especially careful if the engine is used in dusty environments.
  • Serious contamination can occur for example:
    • on construction sites where thee is a high  level of air-borne dust.
    • in harvesting applications where there are high concentrations of chaff and chopped straw in the vicinity of the machine
  • Because applications vary, cleaning intervals have to be determined from case to case. The cleaning intervals given in the table below can be used as a guide.

Suggested OHApplication
2000Ships, gensets in enclosed spaces, pumps
1000Vehicles on paved roads
500Tractors, forklift trucks, mobile gensets
250Vehicles on construction sites and unpaved roads, construction equipment, compressors, underground mining equipment
125Agricultural machinery, harvester tractors

Cleaning Cooling System


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