Fall/Winter Special: Deutz Timing Belt Kit


We have on deep discount special our Deutz 1011 and 2011 Timing Belt Kits.

These kits come with:

  • Timing Belt & Tensioner Pulley
  • Foley Timing Pins (to lock engine in place)
  • OTC Timing Belt Tension Gauge
  • Torx Driver for Front Timing Cover (Deutz 2011 Kit only)

The kit for a Deutz 1011 is only $449. Compare this with Deutz PN 301 095 with a price of $844 for the gauge alone!

The kit for the Deutz 2011 is only $495. Call us today for yours!

The Deutz 1011/2011 engine is an interference fit engine and if the timing belt isn’t changed regularly the pistons will crash into the head with expensive results.

While your Deutz will last a lot longer with a new belt (you should change it every 700 hours) this special price will last only until Spring!

To buy the 1011 Kit Click Here

To buy the 2011 Kit Click Here

For help with installation of your Deutz 1011 or 2011 timing belt check out our Video Section.