Walker Airseps to the Coast Guard

Walker Airseps to the Coast Guard  3-9-2010

When the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT wanted to clean up the engine compartments in several boats they turned to Foley Engines. The Academy has several tugs powered by 12V71 Detroits. These two cycle Detroits are notorious for leaks and fumes. The Walker Airseps cleaned up the engine rooms on these tugs in almost “Bristol fashion” .The next project for the Academy is to install a Walker Airsep on a new Westerbeke 170 they using to repower a Sisu 30. The Foley Engines supplied Walker Airsep will serve as a washable air filter and air silencer on the Westerbeke and make the boat much quieter to run. As an added benefit the Walker Airsep recycles the unburned fuel back into the oil pan and cleans up the air in the engine compartment.