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Twin Disc IBF314 alternative

Twin Disc IBF314 alternative  7-22-2011

Twin Disc IBF314 alternative  7-22-2011

A New England municipality called us asking for an alternative to their IBF314 oil bath power take off clutch. The problem was their operators were not checking the dipstick on the Twin Disc® PTOs oil bath reservoir. As a result the unit was failing regularly and the cost of repairs was adding up. They had been quoted replacement IBF units that were over $11,000 and had a 60 day lead time. Money was tight and the machine was down. Did we have a lower cost but acceptable alternative? We supplied them with a mechanical power takeoff with the same external dimensions, duty rating and life expectancy as the oil bath unit. But our replacement PTO used sealed for-life bearings which did away with the necessity to check a dip stick every morning. All this and they spent $7500 less than the price of the Twin Disc IBF!


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