Tech Tip #79: Kubota 2203 Identification: A Field Guide

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel


How to properly identify your Kubota diesel engine

The Kubota 2203 Diesel has gone through several iterations including Tier ONe and Tier Two emission compliant versions and this Tech Tip is a Field Guide for easy identification.

Kubota 2203 M Series vs. BG and E Series

2203 M Series The fuel shut-off solenoid is mounted in the front timing gear cover

2203 BG and E Series The fuel shut-off solenoid is located behind the fuel injection pump on the block

Kubota 2203 Direct vs. Indirect Injection Engines

All of the above 2203 series diesels were shipped as either direct or indirect fuel injection engines.

2203 series Kubota direct injection diesels have a push-in pencil style fuel injectors similar to a John Deere diesel

2203 series Kubota indirect injection diesels have shorter, thicker, screw-in injectors similar to a Perkins diesel

O3 Series

03 Series Kubota Diesels were Tier One Emission compliant before January, 2001 using a Kubota diesel serial number prior to 4A000. They use small crankshaft bearings

03 Series Kubota Diesels were Tier Two Emission compliant effective January, 2001 and after. They use Kubota diesel serial number 4A000 and up. They used larger crankshaft bearings.


Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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