Helpful guide to use when mounting your High Amp Alternator

Replacing a standard output alternator with a higher output alternator is one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades an engine owner can make. Sometimes, however, it isn’t possible to replace the existing alternator because of mounting considerations, belt size, etc. For those choosing to keep their present alternator and electing to install a second one, we now offer a heavy duty cast aluminum bracket for off-engine mounting. This easily installed bracket can be mounted on an engine stringer and accepts most alternators.

As you can see, this heavy duty aluminum casting may solve your mounting problems. The second alternator often allows the use of large charging source for the house bank and provides an excellent back up. This Foley accessory is designed to fit either large or small case alternators. Now you can charge your batteries in less time and stop noise pollution in your anchorage.

For more information on our high output alternators and engine maintenance, please call or email us with any questions.

These new off-engine alternator mounts are available at introductory price savings.