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Tech Tip #33: Disposing of used Lube Oil

Guide to safely taking care of your old oil.

While seemingly just about a third of our Tech Support calls are about which lube oil to use in a Perkins, Duetz, or Deere, no one ever asks how to dispose of the old oil legally and properly, i.e. not in a dumpster. So, Dr. Diesel™ will tread where few men dare and offer solutions:

  1. Make deck stain. Mix the old lube oil 70/30 with linseed oil and you will have a deck stain the local Junior League women will envy. You could probably market it next summer on Nantucket.
  2. Add it in small quantities to your home heating oil tank.
  3. Take it to an equipment repair garage that burns Ðwaste oil¼ to heat their shop.
  4. Give it to your neighbor to lubricate the leaf springs and preserve the wood deck of his stake body trucks.
  5. Where all else fails, bring it back to the guy who sold you the new oil. In most states he is obligated to accept it back.
  6. Used lube oil makes an excellent preservative for the engine stand/crate outlined in Tech Tip #57 Dr Diesel has always said that Deutz, Perkins and John Deere engines always run better if shipped on a Foley Engine stand!
  7. Whatever you do, do not dispose of it illegally and unethically.  Set an example.  Go Green!