Recommended oil for initial break-in on Deutz, Perkins & Deere engines.

Over the years, about a third of our Tech line calls are about oil. We recommended a 50/50 blend of synthetic and petroleum based oils in Foley Tech Tip #1. But a word of caution: don’t use synthetic oil during the critical initial break-in period. It’s to slippery! The internal engine parts will not have a chance to wear-in together. Many camshaft manufacturers and regrinders say not to use synthetics until the first oil change. Petroleum-based oil will enhance the break-in of the cam and lifters.

At the first oil change, change the filter too to get rid of the molybdenum disulfide cam break-in lubricant. This goop while necessary for break-in, can easily clog an oil filter. Then fill the crankcase with either a full synthetic or a 50/50 blend.