Tech Tip #206: Twin Disc and Rockford PTO Lubrication: How Often and How Much should I Lubricate my Power Takeoff?

Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel


This Tech Tip is one of a series we publish for the industrial engine community. It focuses on how to lubricate your Twin Disc or Rockford power takeoff clutch.

The chart below shows a good maintenance schedule for Twin Disc and Rockford PTOs.


Over.Center.ClutchTo Lubricate your PTO

Operating Shaft: Grease every 3 months / 100 hours
Bronze Collar: Grease daily / every 10 hours
Sealed Bearings: Inspect every 2 years / 4000 hours
Shielded Bearings: Grease every 3 months / 100 hours






Main Bearings (oil) except SP311OP Series

To fill level on oil gauge or bottom of check plug

Every 8-10 hours. Drain and fill every 6 month / 1000 hours

SAE30 engine oil

Main Bearings (grease)

Add 1cc

Every 8-10 hours

Number 2 grease (see below for new recommendation)

Throwout Collars

Add 1cc (1 shot)

Every 8-10 hours

Operating Shaft

Add 1cc (1 shot)

3 months / 100 hours

Pilot Bearings (periodic lube)

Add 1cc (1 shot)

3 months / 100 hours

Pilot Bearings (pre-lubricated)

None required

Inspect every 2 years

Replace bearings as needed

Clutch Linkage

1 drop required

500 hours

Remember, less is more!
As always, don’t over-grease your PTO. While lithium grease is the standard recommendation for use in PTOs, we have recently found Lubriplate LTR-2 Red Grease to be superior. This rugged, tacky grease comes in No. 2 density and it can withstand higher temperatures than traditional lithium grease. Its zinc-free additive package provides good anti-wear protection


Dr. Diesel
Written by Dr. Diesel
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