Helpful way to Correctly Identify your Ford 330 Dorset and Ford 330 Dagenham Engines

This Tech Tip focuses on how to tell the Ford 330 Dorset from the Ford 330 Dagenham engine. It follows our Tech Tip  #92 Identifying the Ford Dover and Dorset Engines: Five Easy Ways to Tell the Ford Dover from the Ford Dorset.  We recommend that you first read this earlier Tech Tip where it discusses the Ford Dorset and then read this Tech Tip.

Foley Engines stocks and services Ford Industrial engines. We often receive calls for parts for a Ford 330. The caller sometimes doesn’t realize that there are two model Ford 330 engines, the Dagenham and the Dorset, and the parts are not interchangeable. The Ford Dorset Engines were produced in Essex, UK and were either 330 cubic inch producing 112HP or 363 cubic inches generating 128HP. The Ford Dagenham Engine was made in Dagenham, UK. The Ford Engine plant there employed more than 40,000 people in 1953 and is down to 4,000 people today. Here is how you can tell the difference between the engines.

The simplest easiest way to tell the Ford 330 Dorset from the Ford 330 Dagenham is the location of the fuel injection pump and its drive. The Dorset’s injection pump is located on the back of the front gear cover. The Dagenham’s injection pump is located mid-way down the side of the engine block and is driven by a stub shaft.