Part Two Of A Great Tech Tip To Help You Upgrade Your Hoof Or Pierce Belt Drive Governor

In the preceding Tech Tip, Tech Tip #136, Upgrading Hoof and Pierce Belt Drive Governors to Electronic Governors, we discussed how to install the magnetic speed sensor pick up in the engine’s bell housing directly above the ring gear. We explained that it was necessary to remove whatever is bolted to the back of the engine to gain access to the flywheel ring gear.

While unbolting a Twin Disc® or Rockford PTO from the back of an engine on a wood chipper isn’t difficult, unbolting the ‘alternator’ or generator from the back of a generator set engine, would be time consuming. One of our customers came up with a better idea after reading Tech Tip #68.

He suggested that an easy way to gain access to the ring gear would be to just unbolt the starter motor and remove it. Please be aware that as we mentioned in Tech Tip #136, you don’t want to install the mag pickup near the starter motor, but removing the starter motor from the bell housing would be a good initial step. Then once you had the starter motor removed, the installing mechanic could at least eyeball the ring gear and approximate a mounting spot on the other side of the bell housing away from the starter motor.

Because it may be difficult using this technique to estimate where the center of the ring gear will be is , you could always drill small holes, say .125″ holes, in the bell housing.

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