A Helpful Guide On Identifying Your Cotta Transmission

Cotta TransmissionThis Tech Tip is one of a series that we publish to help advance our industry. Most focus on Deutz, Perkins and John Deere diesel engines. Some focus on Twin Disc®, Rockford and AutoClutch power take offs. This one is different. It focuses on Cotta Transmissions.

Cotta Transmission is a leading manufacturer of split shaft PTOs, speed reducers and increasers found in many different applications including well drilling rigs, defense, mining, construction and the forestry industry including tub grinders and tree chippers. Ordering parts for your Cotta can be difficult without good information. The data plate on the transmission will give us enough information to identify your unit and help supply the parts you need. Usually though the data plate is missing. Here is another way to identify your Cotta.

At the 12:00 noon position on the Cotta bell housing there is a 5 digit serial number that is stamped in. With this number we can identify your Cotta and supply parts.

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