Guide on keeping the grease off your hands while working on your Perkins or Deutz engine or transmission.

Want to work on your engine or transmission over the weekend yet you have 5 patients to see first thing Monday morning? Got a presentation scheduled and you can’t show up with grease under your fingernails? Maybe its tax season and you are up for a partnership in your CPA firm? Consider using gloves when working on your diesel.

Our professionals recommend using an old pair of racquetball gloves. If you want a more rugged leather palm, e.g. for working on manifolds, and more freedom of movement because of the exposed fingers, try an old pair of handball gloves. If it looks like a long, winter project consider buying a 100 pair box of latex gloves. If the project involves a lot of contact with oil consider buying vinyl gloves which are not oil soluble as are the petroleum-based latex gloves. While not as rugged as gloves (the latex or vinyl will tear easily) you can still go to the office on Mondays without a lot of comments from your colleagues.