Helpful guide for correctly installing your valves on Perkins and other engines

Cylinder Head Torques and Valve Clearance

Cylinder Head Torques

Valve Clearance
Perkins EngineModelIntakeExhaust
3.152-4.20370 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
4.203.270 ft. lbs..008.012
4.10860 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
4.15485 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
4.236-4.248100 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
4.318100 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
6.354100 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
6.354.4 (1/2)115 ft. lbs..008.018
6.354.4 (5/16)28 ft. lbs.  
V8-510-540125 ft. lbs..012.012 (cold)
Continental – TMD Series
M1050-55 ft. lbs..014.018
M1290-95 ft. lbs..014.018
All Flat Head Engines (by Bolt Diameter)
3/8″35-45 ft. lbs.Y112,F135,F163.012.020
7/16″70-75 ft. lbs.F227,F245.012.020
1/2″100-110 ft. lbs.M330,M363.017.020
9/16″130-140 ft. lbs.B427.017.022
All Overhead Valve Engines
Ford 172 / 192>115 ft. lbs..014.016 (hot)
Ford 6.30075 ft. lbs.HYDHYD
Ford 230090 ft. lbs.HYDHYD
GM 6.25095 ft. lbs.HYDHYD
GM 4.153-18195 ft. lbs.  
GMC V6.30570 ft. lbs..012.015 (hot)
GM 4.3L65 ft. lbs.HYDHYD
Herc G-160065 ft. lbs..015.015 (hot)
(1404 CAT)   
Wauk D-155-176G90 ft. lbs..010.020 (cold)
Cont G-193105 ft. lbs..014.014 (cold)
A/C G-153-230100-110 ft. lbs..015.015 (cold)
Chry H-22570 ft. lbs..014
.026 (cold)