Perkins Stainless Exaust Manifolds

Perkins Stainless Exaust Manifolds!  7-16-2008

Foley introduces stainless steel exhaust manifolds for the Perkins Model 4236 engine. The Perkins 4236 85 hp marine engine is found in a variety of applications and is far from a “throw-away” engine. Because of corrosion problems, the cast iron exhaust manifolds don’t last a long time. In fact, Perkins owners tend to go through their cast iron exhaust manifolds every few years. More often in warmer climates. We listened to our customers and came up with a better idea. For the same price as the Perkins OEM cast iron marine exhaust manifold, we now offer our own manifold for the Perkins 4236 engine made from stainless steel. Naturally, the stainless steel manifolds will last a lot longer than the cast iron ones. So, you now have a choice: cast iron or stainless, both the same price! Please call us for details.