Not Your Father’s 4.108!


Considering repowering your Perkins 4.108 with something more modern?  Maybe even a Yanmar or a Volvo?  Most people like their 4.108 for its parts availability, quiet running, and rugged construction, but there are a couple of nagging issues with the 4.108 that make a new, more modern engine an attractive option worth considering.   An attractive option, that is until you hear the cost for the engine plus the cost of changing the motor mounts, re-routing the exhaust and the overall labor charge to install the engine.

So, we’ve come up with a special version of the Perkins 4108 engine, called Not Your Father’s 4108 that incorporates a package of significant upgrades designed to propel the 4108 into the 21st century. These upgrades include a serpentine belt system, a more powerful alternator, and our proprietary rear seal to stop the chronic leaks, and a spin-on secondary fuel filter.

Our Not Your Father’s 4108 remanufactured engine compares favorably to the cost of Yanmar or Volvo.  Specifically, the Not Your Father’s 4108 includes the following innovative features to bring your engine up to present-day standards.

1)    Full serpentine belt system with Rockwell-hardened pulleys.

2)    Spin on fuel filter to replace the hard-to-bleed, cartridge-style secondary fuel filter

3)    A 105 amp alternator to replace the weak 37 amp alternator

4)    Our special improved rear crankshaft seal to cure the chronic rear seal leaking problems

The Not Your Father’s 4.108 program is a remanufactured engine exchange program. The engine has all new internal parts, all the wearing surfaces have been re-machined, and the engine comes with fuel injectors, alternator, water pump,  and serpentine pulleys for installation with the engine.

We will ship you our remanufactured Not Your Father’s  4.108 engine so you can have it side by side with your old 4108 during the installation. After you install our engine, just call our shipping department and we can arrange to pick up your old engine for its return to us and your core refund.