Not Your Father’s 4108! 

Not Your Father’s 4108!  11-17-2009

We are now supplying factory remanufactured Perkins 4108 marine engines with significant upgrades over a stock Perkins 4108. These upgrades include an optimized fuel injection system producing more horsepower, a serpentine belt system which includes hardened, Rockwell-tested pulleys including a spring loaded, active‚ pulley for the alternator that dampens crankshaft pulses. This active pulley ensures longer life for the alternator as well as the serpentine belt. The upgrades also include a new height output 105 amp alternator, our innovative rear main seal to cure the chronic leaking problem endemic to Perkins 4108, and a spin-on secondary fuel filter with drain petcock. This spin on filter replaces the awkward cartridge style fuel filter which doesn’t have provision to drain it without removing it from Perkins engine.