News from Our Interns


Over the Christmas holidays several former summer interns stopped in to say hello.

Jack Daly, a Summer 2013 Intern and a recent Holy Cross College graduate visited with us. He has a position with EZE Financial Software in Boston working with clients seeking a multi-asset category tracking solution.

Paul Coulter, also a Summer 2013 Intern and Holy Cross athlete (while Jack played football, Paul ran track) is with EZE also. Jack told us that during his initial interviews with EZE they were impressed by the experience he gained spending a summer with us reorganizing and labelling our engine core inventory.

Charles Kaneb, a Summer 2005 Intern and later a Winter 2006 Intern and a Case Western University graduate stopped in also. Charles is now an engineer with Fiat-Chrysler in Detroit. He has a senior position responsible for the front end chassis layout and engineering for the 2020 update of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Congratulations to Jack, Paul, and Charles.