Foley Continues to Green-Up 

Foley Continues to Green-Up  6-1-2009

In our continuing drive to upgrade and make our facility more “green” we just installed a new  15 horsepower Ingersoll Rand air compressor. This new unit has a built-in air cooler  and will replace three older units totalling about 50 HP  plus an inefficient stand-alone air chiller,  all running on either 110 or 220 volts. One of the compressors it replaces was installed in  1936!  This new unit will run at a much more efficient voltage (460 volts) and have a 120 gallon tank with  more storage capacity. All in all it will consume less energy than the inefficient units it replaces while providing us with a more reliable source of compressed air.
See our Tech Tip #89, Handy Tips on Going Green for the Engine Rebuilder, Construction Garage, Town DPW Garage, Marine Repair Facilities and Back Yard Motor Heads, for other info on how you can green-up your engine facility. This new, energy efficient air compressor is one more example of how Foley Engines takes energy conservation seriously.