DPF System for John Deere 6068T

DPF System for John Deere 6068T  7-20-2011

An alternative energy company needed help in developing a prototype generator for the US DOD that could be quickly deployed as part of an airborne infantry unit’s TO&E. They wanted to run a John Deere 6068T engine using a mixture of biodiesel fuel and decomposing solid waste yet still have acceptable exhaust emissions. No ‘off the shelf” DPF would have worked. We developed a non-catalyzed diesel particulate filter system (the fuel didn’t have enough oxygen to allow a catalyst to function) that operated in tandem with a Walker Airsep module on John Deere’s air intake. The Walker Airsep recycled the unburned fuel back into the oil pan which cleaned up the environment and by introducing negative crankcase pressure the Walker Airsep also controlled and minimized oil leaks.