Diesel Exhaust Scrubbers to Charlottesville

Diesel Exhaust Scrubbers to Charlottesville  7-14-2008

This summer if you are visiting the University of Virginia in Charlottesville you may notice a change in the air quality. Foley Engines just received a sizeable order to retro-fit exhaust purifiers and diesel exhaust scrubbers on a variety of construction equipment owned by the University. They realized that it was simply good citizenship to install exhaust purifiers and scrubbers on almost 20 of their large dump trucks and pieces of landscaping and construction equipment. Thomas Jefferson would be proud! For more info on Exhaust Purifiers we have section on this site which discusses it. We also offer exhaust purifiers for gas and propane powered engines, too. See Foley Tech Tip #26, Foley Clean Air Tech Tip, for more info on scrubbers for non-diesel powered engines.