Curing Bad Vibrations

Curing Bad Vibrations  2-10-2009

Getting bad vibes from your drive train? Foley Engines now offers balancing service for engine owners and professional rebuilders. We can balance most rotating assemblies ranging from the smallest marine damper plate to a large pump shaft. We can offer accuracy from .01 gram to 1,000 grams. Just last week we had a customer with a drive train vibration in his Jenneau sail boat. The vibration was driving him crazy. He was running a HBW150 transmission bolted to a Perkins 4108 diesel engine. He had changed engine mounts, checked the total indicated run out of his propeller shaft, checked his prop, made sure that his crankshaft was not bent, and done many other diagnostic checks. He had everything checked out. We checked the balance of his damper plate. Sure enough it was out of balance and for a small balancing charge he was able to cure his bad vibration.